Token Sale FAQ Token Sale FAQ

Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked community questions about BitGuild.


Did the private sale complete and if so, how much was sold?

Yes, 30,937.5 ETH in PLAT was sold in February.


What should my gas settings be?

Gas Limit = 150,000

Gas Price = 10 Gwei

What is the Public ICO soft and hard cap?

Soft Cap = 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap = 14,062.5 ETH

Does the BitGuild token sale have a lock-up period?

No, we won’t be locking the token during the public sale.

When are tokens being sent out?

Starting March 15th, tokens will be sent immediately after sending ETH to our public sale smart contract.

How do I know if my whitelisting application was received?

Early submitters were sent a confirmation email on March 1st. Applications sent on, or after, March 1st automatically received confirmation emails - if you submitted an application and did not receive a confirmation email please contact us at

Has my whitelisting application been approved? How can I tell?

You will receive an email notifying you of your whitelisting approval status after it has been reviewed by our team.

How many whitelisting applications have you received so far?

We have received thousands of applications so far, and our team is carefully reviewing each and every one of them to ensure accuracy and compliance with all regulations.

When is the official starting date of the BitGuild token sale?

The BitGuild public token sale will begin at 17:33:33 PST on March 15th, 2018

When is the official end date of the BitGuild token sale?

The BitGuild token sale will close at 23:59:59 PST on April 5th, 2018

How many PLAT tokens per 1 ETH?

1 ETH = 80,000 PLAT

I’m a citizen of Country X, but a resident of country Y. Can I still participate in the token sale?

As long as you are not a citizen of a restricted country/region (regardless of residency location), you may participate in the BitGuild token sale. However, please note that if you are a USA resident (or resident from any jurisdiction that prohibits the sale of tokens to its residents), you will not be able to participate in the token sale.

Do you have a bonus structure in place for ICO token purchases?

There will be a bonus for large purchases. You can find the breakdown below:
>= 5 ETH  1.25%
>= 15 ETH  2.50%
>= 50 ETH  3.75%
>= 100 ETH  5%
>= 250 ETH  7.50%
>= 500 ETH  10.00%

How long does the approval process for whitelisting take?

You should receive an email from us within 24-72 hours. 3/2/2018 Update: We are currently dealing with an overwhelming number of submissions, and apologize for any delays. We will get to your application as soon as possible.

Can I use a driver's license for ID verification?


Do I have to upload all of my passport pages, including front and back?

Just your main information page. There needs to be a clear photo, your full name, and date of birth.

When uploading my ID, can I delete/obscure any information?


Are residents from Hong Kong and Taiwan able to participate in the BitGuild token sale?


What are the minimum and maximum individual amounts of ETH you will be accepting during the token sale?

Minimum: 0.5 ETH - Maximum: 1,500 ETH

If my current whitelisting application is rejected, should I make a brand new application?

No, please contact us directly via email at

What kind of games can we expect to see on BitGuild?

This project differs from other gaming projects in that our main focus is on building blockchain games as a new genre, rather than forcing it onto existing behemoths. Blockchain gaming is still in its infancy, and it’s hard to predict what kind of games will see the light of day. We will be working with gaming developers around the world to usher in a new age of gaming, integrally tied to the blockchain. Just don’t expect to see the next Call of Duty on the blockchain any time soon ;)

No blockbuster games initially? How will BitGuild scale?

In addition to building our own games, we will be working with and funding development for blockchain games from multiple 3rd party studios. Blockchain games will evolve greatly over the next year or two as blockchain technology itself scales. Right now the Ethereum network's TPS is a bottleneck for a lot of game design.

Do you have any videos about your project?

Soon! You’ll find it on the front page of the website when it’s ready.

How do you plan to attract both users and developers to your platform?

Through investments, educational campaigns, and by offering better terms, tools, and publishing services than existing platforms.

Will you only be using the blockchain to process payments?

In addition to processing payments quickly and securely with no transaction fees through PLAT, we are integrating blockchain into the core of every game on the BitGuild platform. This can have nearly unlimited applications, and we’re just scratching the surface.

Will BitGuild have a Bounty program? How do I join?

Stay tuned for upcoming details on the BitGuild bounty on our official blog.

Where can I find your blog publications?

You can find our blog publications on Company news, official guides, and other documentation can be found on our official website.

Have any of your advisors publicly announced their collaboration with BitGuild?

All of our advisors are listed on the BitGuild White Paper, and they have all endorsed us publicly. You can find these endorsements herehere, and here.

If I have any further questions, where can I address them?

You can jump into our Telegram group, or email us directly at

Max Preusse